Buying Or Selling A Marina

Allow Us To Help You Buy Or Sell A Marina

Whether you are buying or selling a marina or commercial waterfront property, that’s our passion, so we’re here to help.

For Sellers, we can list your marina through the public marketing process which uses our list of contacts plus the full complement of the internet and other marketing services.

Or we can list your marina privately, where we market your property to an exclusive list of buyers.

For buyers, we have access to the full list of properties on the market as well as contacts for off-market properties. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you find your ideal property.

Coastal Marina Sales

Thoughts On Selling A Marina

There are two ways to go about selling a marina. Through the public marketing process in which we try to reach the largest possible audience using a wide variety of marketing resources. The intent of this process is to create as much interest as possible and thereby maximize your property's value. The second alternative is to market your property confidentially to known marina buyers and select investors. The intent of this alternative is to minimize the potential disruption to your ongoing business. When selling a marina, there are several considerations that will impact the value of your property. The most obvious of these is the condition of the physical improvements and the condition of your operating equipment. Any valuation analysis has to take into consideration both the physical improvements and also the income stream.

Thoughts On Buying A Marina

We maintain an extensive list of operating marinas and boatyards along the Mid-Atlantic seaboard. We can help you by identifying properties that are for sale, analyzing the value of the assets and the operating business, and using our knowledge and skills to negotiate for the best possible deal. We can also target specific properties and confidentially contact the owners to see if they would entertain an offer to purchase.

There are several factors to keep in mind when purchasing a marina or boatyard. The most obvious of these is the physical condition of the improvements and the operating equipment. Any buyer should look carefully for deferred maintenance and required replacements. As a buyer, your projected cost for these repairs will almost always be higher than the current owner’s actual costs for these items. Any attempt by the seller to cover deferred maintenance should be a red flag to look harder for additional items.

Coastal Marina Sales